[Toshiya Kobayashi INFINITY]
:August 24-September 29,2001
[Frank Stella]
:June 1-August 11,2001
[2000-2001 Winters Prints Show]
  David Hockney ~Six Fairy Tales~
  :November 6-December 6,2000
  Color of Heart- Sonia Delaunay & Josef Albers
  :December 11,2000-January-25,2001
  oan Miro, Roberto Matta and the Surrealists
  :January 29-March 5,2001
[Robert Wilson: TIME and SPACE]
:April 21-July 8,2000
[The Storyrellers]
:December 1,1999-February 19,2000
[Ralph Gibson & Robert Mapplethorpe]
:September 10-October 9,1999
[Comtemporary Prints from SPAIN ]
:July 4-August 6,1999
:February 4-27,1999
[David Salle]
:September 10-October 20,1998
[Man Ray : "Liberty and Pleasure"]
:February 27-April 17,1998
[Kaii Higashiyama : New Prints Works]
:January 20-January 30,1998
[David Salle : "High and Low" Mixed Media Prints]
:October 30-December 24,1997

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